2019 Summer Lab

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The summer lab with Nous Sommes L’Été is essentially a summer camp for professional movement artists. The activities take place over two weeks in each city following the conversations with artists and organizing by the teams in Québec and Montréal.

2019 Montréal Summer Lab

2019 Québec Summer Lab


Marie-Eve Dion


The organizers of Nous Sommes L’Été are available throughout the spring as of March to meet with you and chat about art, creativity, and movement. We want to know what makes you light up, what motivates you, excites or scares you. It is through these conversations that we will put together fruitful and cohesive teams.

Each team’s members are matched according to their shared interests. Your experience of the Lab is therefore centred on your openness to new encounters, your artistic curiosity, and your generosity throughout the process.

This is how the schedules were formed in 2017.