Invitation to Video Dance Explorations

Invitation to video dance exploration

You are invited to exploration sessions around the theme of video and dance, this and next week.

If one or all of these fit with your schedule, come join us!

Part 1 – Promotional video for dancers

August 1 (wed) and 2 (thurs)
13h-16h, Studio C

Come explore questions about how dancers present themselves through video and online platforms. We will discuss and test out strategies and you’ll have the chance to dance with a videographer filming you to begin or update your promo reel.

Part 2 – Dance films

August 7( tues), 16h-18h, Studio C
August 8 (wed), 13h-16h, Studio B

We’ll talk about dance films, past and present, questions, and possibilities with dance for the screen. We will practice creating a storyboard and filming a short dance film! Bring any cameras or phones and we’ll play with what we have.