The conversations

The Conversations

Nous Sommes L’Été is rooted in conversations. Everything begins with a coffee (or any other excuse to have a discussion).

  1. Let’s Talk! Come have a coffee, or come to the park; we can pick a time before or after your next rehearsal to speak artist-to-artist, to better understand what you would like to explore this summer.
  2. Over the course of the spring, the Nous Sommes L’Été team will weave ties between the people we meet and propose unfamiliar collaborations to you.
  3. Some of our exchanges will lead directly to your participation in the yearly Lab’s activities. Others may simply plant seeds that grow at their own speed and germinate perhaps in future projects. Either way, we’ll have a good time chatting about the things we love.
  4. The teams are assembled based on the interests and availabilities of each participant.
  5. The schedules of activities are communicated individually in the weeks that precede the Lab.

Our organizers are Lucy Fandel, Stefania Skoryna and Alexis Trépanier in Montréal and Marie-Chantale Béland, Étienne Lambert, and Miguel Fontaine in Québec.

Send us an email at and one of us will be happy to start the conversation for the next lab.

Exploration au labo 2014 - Alexis Trépanier, Tiffanie Boffa, Anne-Flore de Rochambeau, Laura Toma, Léa Tremblay Fong (photo: Bobby León)