The organization

Nous Sommes L’Été, the organization.


The mission of Nous Sommes L’Été is to create a space for research and creation that actively listens to the needs of the live arts community, with the aim of facilitating encounters and contributing to a healthy and fruitful development of the milieu.


  • Offer a one-on-one meeting with anyone who wishes to discuss their arts practice
  • Propose artistically coherent pairings between potential participants
  • Give access to a space and time for research and creation work
  • Create moments of exchange and sharing through workshops open to the public
  • Provoke a concentration of activities in the same place and time period
  • Enable the deep investigation of the different roles and careers in live art (performer, choreographer, rehearsal director, metteur en scène, etc.) with the support of a specialized mentor
  • Coordinate the availability of Montréal and Québec artists in order to create sustainable relations between the two communities


Over the course of several conversations with Alain Bolduc, the director of production for the UQAM Dance Department, Alexis puts together workshops and a laboratory with the aim of bringing together current and past students, as well as other dance educators. Alexis tells him that a summer dance platform that unites dance lovers of all sorts would be pertinent.


The first edition of the Laboratory of Nous Sommes L’Été takes place in the studios of the UQAM Dance Department.


Catherine and Stéphanie mobilize the network of students and recent graduats at Concordia University and L’EDCM.

Organizers: Alexis Trépanier, Stéphanie Juteau, Catherine Dagenais-Savard


Organizers: Alexis Trépanier, Bettina Szabo

Étienne Lambert and Marie-Chantale join the team to create the first edition of the Lab in the studios of L’École de danse de Québec.


La Maison Pour la danse becomes an official partner in Québec, along with several cafés such as Café In in Québec and Café Reine-Garçon, and Bagel & Café in Montréal.

Organizers: Alexis Trépanier, Marie-Chantale Béland, Lucy Fandel, Étienne Lambert, Stefania Skoryna


Communities in both Montreal and Quebec are starting to know about the lab and interest in participating manifests earlier and earlier in the season. On this 5th edition, the lab has seen a record number of creative processes and workshop attendance.

November 7, 2018, Nous Sommes L’Été officially becomes a registered non-profit!


The Québec team welcomes a third organizer, Miguel Fontaine.